BEA dev2dev Tech Days Location Viewer - Simple Google Maps Mashup Example

Author: Peter Laird, BEA Systems

This is a simple Hello World demo of an Ajax powered Google Maps mashup.
It is intentionally simple so it can be a starting point for your mashup project.
The code consists of a Javascript file that shows how to use technologies such
as the XMLHttpRequest, the GMap2 API, and the geocoder object.

Click here to read the tutorial
that explains this demo in detail.
  Click here to watch the video
that shows this demo in action.

Using the Mashup:
Click on the button to view the list of cities where BEA dev2dev Tech Days will visit in 2007.
Then, click on a location to view the map of that venue.

Mashup Architecture:

Building the Mashup:
To see how this Mashup was built, view the following artifacts:

Further Reading
Consult the following for more information about how Mashups and Web 2.0 can be applied to the enterprise: